Enishi International School

Literacy Day

Literacy Day is a celebration of all things reading! Enishi International School encourages students of all ages to love language, learning and literacy. Throughout the day students have fun playing reading games, writing their own stories, dressing up as their favorite book characters and relaxing with a good book. Each year students have a chance to show off their writing skills in the Writing Competition where we look for effort, storyline, grammar/vocabulary and originality.
This year our Secondary School’s Literacy Day theme was, “The Books That We Love.” Students and teachers were encouraged to dress up or wear clothes that showed their love of books. Literacy Day is a wonderful time for us as a school to encourage reading and the many opportunities and benefits that it can bring us! This year we hosted our very first Biblio Battle, where students who volunteered presented their favorite book to their classmates and tried their best to convince them to read it. The book with the highest amount of votes will be bought by the school and placed in the library. The winner with the most votes this year was the Manga, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1–Phantom Blood by acclaimed Japanese Mangaka Araki Hirohiko. In close second was The Famous Five by Enid Blighton. We would like to congratulate all competitors for their efforts this year.