Enishi International School



Enishi International School has been granted the Gakko Hojin (educational corporation) status by the Aichi Prefecture. The status of Gakko Hojin can only be granted by the government to entities who are under strict compliance.

Enishi is governed by a Board of Directors who represent the best interests of the students, teachers, and staff, and provide governance to the school on policies and financial matters. The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for managing Enishi’s affairs, maintaining its educational standards, and administering its property portfolio. The Board of Directors also reviews the curriculum strategy for all schools and ensure the efficient use of resources.


establishing and supporting the Vision, Mission, Philosophy, strategic goals, and measurable outcomes for Enishi International School


the long term sustainability of the school and ensuring that appropriate systems for risk management are in place


developing and reviewing the EIS policies and supervising their implementation


ensuring long-­term financial stability, updating tuition fees, and approving a fiscally sound annual budget


participating in Board training opportunities and conducting new board member orientation