Enishi International School



Admission Policy

All students must go through a level test and an individual interview in order to be accepted into Enishi International School. A placement assessment helps us determine the placement and whether English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) or other specialized assistance is required. Students might be asked to come for one day trial if it is necessary.


How to Apply

All prospective students must complete an application form and go through a level assessment and an individual interview in order to be considered. Students may apply within one year of the proposed starting date. Should you have any questions regarding the process please do not hesitate to contact us .


Tuition & Fees

Details on our tuition and fees, payment and bank account details, and financial regulations can be found in this section.


School Bus

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering using the bus service from these areas or any other place.


School Lunch

The Enishi International School Nagoya school lunch service is proudly served by Cezar’s Kitchen. We aim to provide a healthy and balanced school lunch to our students. Families can also choose to bring their own lunch boxes.