In 2002, Baharu Education Opened a learning and community center called Abroad Learning Center. It was created in order to serve the many nationalities of people coming to Japan as well as to serve the Japanese people interested in world languages and cultures. During interactions with many at these culture centers, a need for English speaking early years education was realized.

April 2007, Baharu Education opened its third Kindergarten in Japan and first in Nagoya. Nagoya was becoming a growing international center and the schools vision was to serve the international community in the heart of the city. The school began in Sakae at the learning center and consistently grew. It soon outgrew its first facility and so it moved to the Misonoza building in the Fushimi area. It was at this building that a need for an Elementary school was realized. In April 2012, we opened a Primary School in our Misonoza building facility in an effort to serve the international community. We became certified as a Cambridge International School shortly afterwards and then began to look into International Baccalaureate (IB). In October of 2013, we moved to our third facility in the Ark Sakae building near Shrikawa Park. 

We followed through with our efforts to constantly improve ourselves and became a candidate school for the Primary Years Program of IB (International Baccalaureate). In two short years, and with wonderful efforts from our teachers and community, we received our IB World Status. Yet again we were outgrowing our facility. In April 2019, with the agreement of the City of Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture, our Primary school reformed as Enishi International School.

Enishi International School has received its “Gakko Hojin” (registered school) status from Aichi Prefecture as of March 25, 2019. Our vision is to help shape the future for a better world by using leading educational practices to nurture internationally minded learners who show caring, respect, and compassion through their actions. We are now one of the fastest growing International Schools in Nagoya and we hope to continue to grow to serve both the international and local community better.


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