Enishi International School

Corporate Contribution Program

Corporate Contribution Program

To better meet the educational needs of the international community in Japan, Enishi International School (EIS) welcomes contributions from international corporations. This program makes it possible to reduce reliance on tuition income.

The aim of this plan is to allow free attendance to children of foreign employees and directors of companies that contribute to EIS.

The Japanese tax authorities exempt these donations from taxation as personal income in Japan. There is no direct relationship between the contributions and the amount of tuition.

EIS shall decide corporate contribution requests after considering the number of expatriate employees, the size of the company, and past giving history. The contribution request shall be made without regard to how many children of individual corporation employees are enrolled at EIS.

The children of employees whose companies donate an amount equal to or more than the requested units of contribution will be granted free attendance.

In order to ensure the success and continuation of this program, companies and organizations may participate in this Corporate Contribution Plan under the following conditions:

1. The contribution amount will be 100,000 yen per one unit.

2. There will be a two-year participation period.

3. Contributions made in Japan are subject to the regular contributions limitations of Japanese corporate tax law. The contributions cannot be handled as a “Shitei Kifukin” under Japanese law but are deductible as “Ippan Kifukin” under the Japanese corporate tax law.

If you would like to participate in our Corporate Contribution Plan, please contact the admissions department via admissions@enishi.ac.jp